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Contents                                                                                 1 g of 1 vial              1,890 Kyats

Each sustained-release tablet contains
Isoleucine 35mg
Leucine 60.2mg
Lysine HCL 54.95mg
Phenylalanine 35mg
Threonine 35mg
Valine 42 mg
Cysteine HCL 7 mg
Alanine 21 mg
Glutamine 140 mg
Glycine 21 mg
Histidine HCL 28 mg
Proline 112 mg
Serine 35 mg
Tyrosine 37.45 mg
Aspartic acid 43.40 mg

Protinet is an excellent source of essential amino acids high concentrations. It is suitable for people on strictly vegetarian diet which is low in proteins, stressful lifestyle conditions, people on low or restricted diet, muscle building sports enthusiasts.



Aids, assists or helps in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being.

Beneficial during times of stress for energy and strength


Dosage & Administration

1 tab a day with meals or as recommended by the physicians.


Pack Size:

10 x 10’s

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